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When you enroll, you need to decide what Membership or Course Level to start with.  We try to make this easy for you.

If you like how the course functions, and feel that you will get something out of it, we think you should plan to move through the entire program, one course at a time.  There are a number of advantages to taking the whole sequence.

All Courses include All Prerequisite Courses including instruction and materials.  So if you think you are at the Just Past Beginner Level, but have a goal to move to an Intermediate or Advancing Level with us, you can save money by enrolling in the Intermediate Level for a price that is less than Just Past Beginner plus a later enrollment in Intermediate.

All Membership Levels Include All Prerequisite Levels.

We have a number of reasons for doing this:

Our program is unique.  It is derived from teaching guitar to thousands of students at these same levels FACE to FACE.  We know what you are going through to learn.  We have methods to move you forward with continuous progress.

We’ve combined our FACE to FACE methods with a simplified structure to get you playing UP and DOWN the neck of the guitar, modeled after professional players, quickly, even in the Total Beginner Program.

The Total Beginner Program is structured for Beginners in our System.  You may be a relatively advanced player already.  But, the Total Beginner Program will start you off differently than any other program we’ve found.  The concepts, hand positions, finger movement, rhythmic emphasis are designed to bring out your musical talents quickly.  To do this, you need a combination of basic nuggets of instruction, along with intellectual music development matched to the instruction nugget, and your personal emotional connection to your playing.

Everyone Starts at the Beginning

We want you (and you will want to) take the program from the very beginning.  Intermediate and Advanced players will move relatively quickly through the Beginning and Just Past Beginning material, lessons, exercises and instructions.  We are just going to adjust your perspective, musical knowledge, and skills to integrate what you already know into the world of musical knowledge you are wanting to attain.

You can review the basic nature of each Program and Level by following the navigation menus to the Courses you want to inspect.  Each has a description of the program, and an indication of the types of lessons included.  Most of the programs have 20-30 lessons each.

Beginners can anticipate a course to run approximately one month.  The exercises in the program are designed to give you something new to work on each day, along with reviewing the previous day.  Within one month, you will be playing.  You will surprise yourself and your friends with your progress.

Enroll Here:

If you are ready to enroll, please pick a program or level, and follow the link.

Here are the remaining lessons in the Free Orientation Level.

Course Content

Lessons Status

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