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OK… you started playing guitar a while back.  You weren’t making the progress you were hoping to make, and that guitar of yours ended up in a closet or under your bed.  Learning to play was a little harder than you thought, and you got a little confused and your hands and fingers just wouldn’t do what you wanted them to do.

Does this sound familiar to you?

If it does, guess what?  You’re not alone.  Most people who get their first guitar see others playing and think it’s got to be a piece of cake to learn.  But after a few pains in the fingers, and difficulty getting their hands to fret well enough to produce a decent sound, they get discouraged.  There are so many other things eating up your time, well, you just put it away.  Maybe you’ll get back to it, maybe you won’t.  You don’t want your second try at learning to be the same.

I can tell you from having taught thousands of beginning through advanced guitar players, that you can learn.  Most guitar teachers play pretty well, but most guitar teachers don’t teach very well.  I’m a pretty good guitarist, and an even better instructor.

We have the right game plan to take you from where you are, both back to the basic fundamentals that you missed, and forward to playing you have never expected.  Quickly.  With the least extra effort.

But it does take something on your part too.  You have to actually want to learn to play.  We’ve got instruction down to a step by step way to get you playing great quickly, but you have to want to learn and be willing to put in your time, pay a few dues, and put some miles on your fingers.  If you are, I promise you will learn and move your music ahead, regardless of your musical style, you will learn to play here.

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